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Ch. Globe's Tea-Em Step in Time
Ch. Globe Ca-Abi Reign On Teaser, ROM x Ch. Globe's Embraceable Toi
OFA Good #RR-4655G27M-T, OFA Elbows Normal, Thyroid  Normal (UGA Vet School)
Timmy loved the show ring right from the start, winning WD
for a 3-point major his first time in the ring at 6 months 5
days of age.  He went on to finish in 13 shows at only 12
months of age with 4 majors including his finishing major
won by going BOS over top male specials.  As a Special,
Timmy was a very consistent Breed winner and made the cut
for BOB at the 1996 and the 1999 RRCUS National

Timmy is a handsome solid red wheaten/dark brown nose
with no white.  He stands 27" and 93 lb. He is a strong,
well-muscled dog with excellent movement and
conformation.  He has an engaging personality and likes to
clown around. He delights in being rather vocal and likes to
sing along with the National Anthem at dog shows.
Timmy has always been a very happy fellow and he passed his
attitude and zest for competing on to his get.  He is the sire of
multi-champion GROUP WINNING/PLACING get.  His offspring
also have shown exceptional love for performance work and
several hold or are working toward titles in agility, obedience,
lure coursing, herding, tracking, and triathlon.  Several also
have their CGCs and/or TTs (Temperament Test).
View some of Timmy x Fallon offspring