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Scout was mated with Ch. Rokishoals Oridgenal Kwetu, JC, owners Dan McGinley & Denise Ivie
Price. This litter was whelped October 3, 2000.  It was a small litter of four; we have pictures of two.
Ch. Globe's Mi-Tea Scout's Honor
Ch. Rokishoals Oridgenal Kwetu, JC
Josey is pictured finishing his championship with novice owner/handler Beth Grumble in June
2003. Josey finished his ASFA Field Championship in December 2004.  He has a quiet, yet
clownish behavior, like his father.  Owners:  Race & Beth Grumble
Daphne is pictured winning RWB at the RRAMA Supported Show in August 2002.  She has been
shown on a very limited basis.  Owners:  Heather
Oridgenal Devil in Disguise
RR-6995G27F-PI; EL1752F27-PI; PA10/27/F/P-PI
Ch. Oridgenal Outlaw Josey Wales, SC FCH
RR-7154E32M-PI; EL1878M32-PI; TH506/36M-PI
Photo: Angel-Photo