2003-2007 Copyright - All Rights Reserved - Globe Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Globe Ridgebacks was never a commercial kennel.  We were very selective in our breeding
program always looking to find the best stud to complement the dam for conformation, health, and
temperament.  W
e want to not only have time to enjoy the dogs we keep, but to also be available
to our puppy people. We d
id not breed often.  
PLEASE NOTE:   *For the convenience of our website visitors, we sometimes list litters other than
our own that are in some way GLOBE related.  Each breeder has his/her own policies and
guarantees.   People searching for a Ridgeback are advised to contact the breeder of any litters
listed for full information, guarantees and policies.  We are not responsible for any claims,
guarantees, and policies offered by other breeders.  ("Breeder" is the owner of the female.)
At this time, we do not know of any Globe-related breedings.  We encourage you to do proper
research to be sure the Ridgeback is the right breed for you...understand the purposes for which
the Ridgeback was originally bred and their typical character traits.  Keep in mind the Ridgeback is
not an exotic version of a Labrador Retriever.

We also encourage you to deal only with RESPONSIBLE, ETHICAL breeders who have health
screened their dogs and breed for the best in health, conformation, and temperament.  They
should be available to you with any questions AND they should insist on your returning the dog to
the breeder should you ever find you can no longer keep it for the lifetime of the dog.  This is to
assure it does not over burden rescue or shelters, and the breeder is the best person to screen for
a potential new home for the dog.

Be sure to check the breeders directory of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US found at
www.rrcus.org.   We also suggest checking with the Ridgeback rescue organizations listed on the
RRCUS website or one of the independent rescue sites.  With today's economy, there are many
Ridgebacks available, through no fault of their own, in need of a loving home.
2003-2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved - Globe Rhodesian Ridgebacks
We have been involved with the raising, training, showing, and mainly the pure enjoyment of
living with Ridgebacks since 1972.  We retired from showing and our small breeding program in
2007.  Each litter was carefully planned as we only bred when we wanted a pup for ourselves to
continue our line.  Though we only had 12 litters during that time, we are quite pleased with the
Ridgebacks we produced and their accomplishments.   We have kept this website so those
whose dogs carry the Globe line can have this background information.