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Ch. Nomvuyo Globes Fanzikid, TT (S.Af. Imp.)
Fanigalor  x  S.Af. Ch. Crosswick Nomvuyo Fan the Fire
Breeder:  Janet Wang, Nomvuyo Ridgebacks
The day Kelly stepped out of her shipping crate was the beginning of one of the best love affairs
between us and the sweetest Ridgeback on the planet.    Kelly has the most unbelievable
temperament; anyone who has ever met her has fallen head over heals in love with her.   She
demands and commands attention with her big deer like eyes and those big paws that pop everyone
on the leg to let them know she is available for a good pet and hug.  One of our favorite comments
about Kelly has to be "she is too smart to be a dog and too sweet to be a human."   Even when Kelly
was being shown, other exhibitors loved her so much, no one got upset losing to her.   

Kelly made fast work of getting her championship. We didn't start showing her until she was 16
months old, then off most of the summer, and finished at 21 months of age.  She picked up her first
major the 4th time in the ring when she and our 6 mo. old puppy, Timmy both won 3 point majors that
day.  Kelly finished with BACK-TO-BACK 5-POINT MAJORS, while Timmy also picked up one of those
5 pointers that same weekend.

We were looking forward to a long specials career for Kelly as well as the opportunity to breed her in
due time.  Unfortunately, Kelly developed a severe infection only a few weeks after she turned 2
years old that required we spay her in order to save her life.   We were disappointed to lose her as a
brood bitch, but overwhelmed with joy that we were able to save her.  We were able to start showing
Kelly again when RRCUS began offering Altered Bitch classes at their National Specialties.   Kelly
easily won that class at the 1998 RRCUS Specialty in New York.  The judge's comments were,
paraphrasing, "I knew the minute she moved around the ring that she was my winner; her
conformation and movement are amazing. BUT, please tell me why on earth did you spay this
stunning bitch?"  Kelly placed 4th in a large Altered Bitch class at the 2000 RRCUS Specialty after I
almost caused us to miss the class and had to run her across a large field, up hill all the way to get to
the ring. I was so beat by the time we got to the ring, it was all I could do to make it around the
polo-field-size ring, which I'm sure cost us a higher placement.   In recent years, Kelly won BEST
VETERAN and BOS VETERAN at back-to-back RRCUS Supported shows in Atlanta.   She continues
to be one of the smoothest, most stunning moving dogs we have ever seen; and Kelly still enjoys
going to shows, and best of all, charming everyone in her path.

Since we were unable to breed Kelly, we waited another FOUR years to find a bitch related to her to
import from Breeder/Judge, Janet Wang.  That bitch is
Shelby has all the sweetness of Kelly mixed with a large dose of "mischief"!  Like Kelly, Shelby has a
wonderful temperament, excellent movement and stunning conformation.  Shelby's multi-Best In Show
winning sire is out of a full sister to Kelly - Kelly's mom, S.AF. CH. CROSSWICK NOMVUYO FAN THE
FIRE, is sired by our top-winner/producer
offers all the wonderful elements that we found in Kelly and her pedigree, but Shelby took the
pedigree even further offering two crosses back to
REGENT.  Our dream of breeding our first South African x American bred litter came true in
November 2002.  Now we have that sweet, loveable temperament of Kelly's in our Shelby x Scout