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WELCOME and thank you for visiting my website.  I have always had a natural aptitude for drawing and
painting animals, people and landscapes.  Although I am mostly a self-taught artist, I have attended work
shops for drawing and portrait painting at The University of Georgia, Lamar Dodd School of Art, and I hold a
Certificate from Instructional School of Art in Commercial and Illustration.  

I have been a commercial artist for most of my career. For many years, I was the official artist for the
Peabody Awards for Excellence in Journalism where I had the honor of creating the portraits of award
winners such as
Ed Bradley, John Chancellor, and Ted Turner to name a few.  Although I have worked as a
commercial artist, I have also been commissioned to do portraits of dogs, horses, cats and other animals for
clients from all over the United States, Canada and Europe.  My work has appeared on the covers of dog
magazines such as
The Ridgeback, The Ridgeback Quarterly, and Bichons Frises as well as commercial
publications and textbooks plus a variety of commercial items that were used for trophies and fundraisers for
different organizations.

Having spent most of my life on a farm, I am very familiar with farm animals and the wild life that surrounds
our 1830's farm in Philomath, GA.  My sister, Nelda, and I have owned, raised and shown Rhodesian
Ridgebacks since 1972 and are RRCUS members since 1973.  We are very proud of our Ridgebacks as we
have been fortunate enough to have bred some top-winning and producing Ridgebacks in both conformation
and performance with Champions throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Europe.  We have
also owned and shown a French Bulldog to her Championship and have successfully shown other breeds for
fellow dog enthusiasts.  We have taught training classes for both conformation and obedience.  In addition, I
have had a life-long love of horses being mostly involved with Arabian horses, but have also owned Quarter
Horses, Welsh pony crosses, and a Morgan horse.

My long involvement with animals, particularly dogs and horses, is one reason I am able to create such
expressive, life-like portraits of my clients’ cherished pets.  Training horses for pleasure trail riding in addition
to breeding, training and showing top-quality dogs enables me to develop a keen, educated eye for all types
of animals so I can understand their body language, moods, personalities, and expressions as well as
knowing the conformational makeup of any animal I portray.  It makes a huge difference in the quality of art
work when artists are knowledgeable about the subjects they are portraying.  I go to great lengths to
research any animal and the type of environment in which they were developed to better understand
everything about them from the type of coat they have to their general behavior characteristics.

This website will continue to be a work in progress as new paintings are completed.  Please check back
periodically for new additions.  For information about portraits and landscape paintings, feel free to contact
me:  phone 706-274-3226 or

Quality Pet Portraits
Created in the Traditional Manner of the Old Master Artists